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My background as a corporate director of development and responsibility for construction management nationally has placed me in the unique position to have worked with some of the best realtors in this great country.

Dona James has been one of the greatest examples in her field. I have found her professionalism and standards to be exemplary. I have been witness to her aptitude at providing real estate advice and selecting only the most qualified properties for my review. She has demonstrated unique abilities and pulling together in a timely way all the resources needed to effectively close on a property, and has managed even difficult challenges with grace--no small undertaking in itself. It has been a great opportunity to have worked with Ms. James and hope to do so again in the future should the circumstances arise. Please do not hesitate to call me directly for additional information concerning Dona’s abilities.

Roy R.

Dona never gave up on us.

She's genuine, honest, and truly caring. She treated us like we were her own children. BEST service ever!

Jasmine and Robert J.

My husband and I own and operate a small residential rental property business, and Dona assisted us in purchasing six of our twelve properties.

We worked with her for over two years and we were never once disappointed in Dona’s professionalism. We are extremely picky, purchase fairly low priced properties and always lowball our offers – basically the nightmare client for any realtor. You can imagine the magnitude of properties Dona has shown us –hundreds – in order to get good deals on those six. Despite the fact that we were not huge money-makers for Dona, she was always patient, calm and thorough. One of her best attributes is her honesty – she assisted in finding the flaws and benefits in properties; she was always up front about the probability of an offer we made being accepted; she always stood for us in every deal – we could not have asked for stronger representation or advocacy. Once a bid was offered, we had complete trust that Dona would do everything possible to close the deal. We have worked with several realtors in Wichita, and none have come even close to offering the exemplary service we received from Dona.

Marj N.

Dona is simply amazing.

At the last minute my husband and I decided we wanted to purchase a home about 30 days ahead of our wedding date. Not only did Dona show us over a dozen homes in one day, she worked long hours pulling comps, submitting offers, etc. We expected the home buying process to be painful. With Dona it was a breeze. She listens and makes sound recommendations. With her as your partner, you'll find your dream home. We will be moving into ours next week.

Kam L.

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